March 29, 2017
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March 26, 2019


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Arbitor is a leading-edge, future-proof and scalable Command & Control Platform, specializing in the integration of third party devices for portable or fixed drone detection and countermeasure solutions. It is a highly effective system that can be installed in a variety of sites and require little to no human interaction to operate, improving alarm detection rates, audit, compliance, overall transparency and labour savings in the control centre.


Because there is no one device that can detect 100% of drones, Arbitor’s  modular and open architecture makes it agnostic to all external devices and systems, allowing for the integration of a wide range of drone detection devices and sensors alongside site-specific software customization so as to achieve unmatched, leading-edge results.


Consequently, Arbitor  presents one of the most effective and comprehensive Counter-UAV software platforms on the market, with the end user being able to essentially monitor, track, identify and respond to all drone activity via one single integrated platform, with unprecedented access to reports and analytics.